BYU’s Long-Distance Shooting: Sinking to New Lows

A week ago, was posted, using a little mathematical thought exercise about how unlikely BYU’s 4 game shooting slump from three point range was.  Times have changed, but BYU’s shooting woes haven’t.  Over their last  6 games, BYU has only hit 17 of their last 101 three point attempts.  A mere 16.8%.

Let me introduce you to the Grambling State Tigers.  Grambling State has a wonderful football legacy; Eddie Robinson had over 400 career wins, placed dozens of players in the NFL and they get a national appearance on NBC every Thanksgiving weekend.  However, their basketball program is another story.

Grambling is the worst shooting team in the nation.  Period.  They are the 2nd worst in the nation in 3 point percentage (26.0%) and are the worst in the nation in two point percentage (37.2%).  There are 345 Division 1 basketball teams and they are 344th and 345th in 3 point and 2 point shooting respectively.

HOWEVER, they have not had a 3 point shooting slump anywhere near as bad as BYU’s current slump this season.  The worst 6 game total for Grambling was their first 6 games of the season, where they shot 21 of 95 (22.1%) from outside the arc.  Their worst is still 5% better than BYU’s worst.

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