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2000s All-Decade Team voting: Running Backs

Now that the football season is over, we’re going to try something new . This is your chance to help choose the CougarStats all-decade BYU football team.

Vote for the CougarStats.com all-decade team for 2000-2009. We’ll start out with running backs and in one week we’ll move on to another position until we have a full line-up. Nominees are selected based on stats, all-conference selections or because I just felt like it. Write-in votes accepted as comments to this blog post.

Later, we’ll select all-decade teams for the 90s, 80s and so on. Players who crossed over two decades can only be selected once. So, if Owen Pochman, for example, is not selected as the kicker of the decade for the 200s, he will be on the ballot for the 90s. If he wins for the 200s, then he will be kept off of the ballot for the 90s.

Here are the running back nominees. Pick 2. Curtis Brown, JJ DiLuigi, Luke Staley, Harvey Unga and Fui Vakapuna.

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