CougarStats 2000s all-decade team: Tight Ends

Last week’s poll was exciting. With 324 votes cast, John Beck won the CougarStats QB of the decade over Max Hall by a mere 7 votes.

Now for the tight ends. We’re going to give 6 options. You can decided what your voting criteria is. Is it Harline for beating the Utes on his knees, George for splitting the gap in OT, Pitta, BYU’s all-time receiving leader, Doug Jolley for his role in BYU’s great 2001 season?

Choose on, the poll will be open for one week.


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2 responses to “CougarStats 2000s all-decade team: Tight Ends

  1. Ben

    I think two TE’s should get the nod. It seems with all the great BYU teams there have been 2 solid contributing TEs. We voted on 2 RB’s…why not 2 TE’s?

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