Jake Heaps post-mortem

Now that Jake Heaps has decided to take his talents elsewhere, let’s take a look at the (statistical) legacy he’s leaving at BYU. While they won’t be building him a statue in the Hall of Quarterbacks, he does hold a number of BYU freshman records including:

Passing Yards: 2,316
Passing Attempts: 383
Passing Completions: 219
Passing Touchdowns: 15
Wins: 6
Games Started: 10
Games Played: 13

Heaps leaves BYU ranked 16th in career passing yards with 3,768, about 500 yards less than Sean Covey. His 2010 season was the 29th most yards in a season.

Jake’s -157 is the 8th most yards lost in BYU history. Not necessarily a terrible thing considering the quality of some of the QBs below him — Sarkisian, Detmer, Nielsen, Walsh.

QB Rating
His final passer rating was 114.1, comparable to some other QBs that had limited success at BYU — Bob Jensen, Matt Berry, Bret Engemann.

TDs – Ints
Jake wraps up his BYU career with a +7 TD to Int total. In 2011 he was only at +1

Win-Loss record as a starter
Career: 10-6
2010: 6-4
2011: 4-2

CougarStats wishes all the best for Heaps and hopes he can live up to his potential and turn into a great quarterback wherever he ends up.

So long Jake, we hardly knew ye.

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