Analysis of BYU’s Defense — Strength of Schedule

BYU is currently 17th in the nation in total defense.  A common response from the fan base is ‘yeah, but their strength of schedule is poor’.  Let’s look at how BYU did at limiting opposing offenses, relative to the other teams.

Opponent Yds Allowed Rank
Ole Miss 214 5
Texas 289 4
Utah 481 12
UCF 399 7
USU 406 4
SJSU 325 4
OSU 365 6
ISU 251 4
TCU 283 1
Idaho 241 3
NMSU 249 1
Hawaii 299 2

On average, BYU has held their opponent to the 4th fewest yards they’ve gained this season. Utah is the big outlier, otherwise BYU has held every other opponent at or below their average except for UCF.

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